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1- 1 Building Compliance Consult

If you have a one-off situation purchase a Building Compliance Consult. You will get our undivided attention 1-1 where we will look at your situation and provide you with some answers as well as a pathway forward.

  • Troubleshooting your compliance challenges.
  • A verbal summary of actions you can take immediately.
  • Questions and answers in the queue are prioritised after our VIP customers.
  • Service provided via phone, Zoom or email.
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Ongoing Support

A single training course is just the beginning!

If you have completed training with us, you will know about the rules you need to apply. Out there in
the real world you will stumble across building and fire compliance problems every day. These
problems will cause you stress, waste your valuable time and could $$ cost you dearly if you get it

We’re here to help you be less stressed, and save you time and money.

Get year- long support where you can:
• Pick up the phone to get your questions answered
• Share intell, and learn from real jobs with our expert trainer
• Search previous answers up in our knowledge base.
• Access templates and resources
• Keep up to date with changes through our monthly updates to laws and standards.

All this normally costs over $4000 worth of consultancy time.
We offer this to you for an annual subscription of $995 per person.
(Team discounts available)

Join our annual BuildNet subscription now and get the help you need

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