Download A Beginner's Guide to Building Law

Whether you need someone to translate building law or just have a few knowledge gaps you would like to fill, this guide will help you sharpen your knowledge on the rules of the game, when the rules apply, and how to interact with people in building control.

Book contents

Chapter 1: Rules of the Game

An introduction to the rules and how they work, restricted building work and licensing, and alternative solutions.

Chapter 2: New Building Projects

Chapter 2 looks at when you do/don't need to get a building consent, and how to do so. As well as the importance of Code of Compliance and public use certificates.

Chapter 3: Existing Buildings

This chapter covers compulsory maintenance, alterations to existing buildings, changing the use of a building, and what to do if you find illegal building work.

Chapter 4: The People of Building Control

Lastly, chapter 4 explains how to properly deal with councils, building inspectors, DIY owners, and touches on some secrets of the building industry.

We can help you and your people:

Learn and Understand the Rules

We provide online and in-person training courses, covering everything from the Building Act, the NZ Building Code, MBIE Guidance documents, related Standards, as well as other building and fire legislation.

Practice and Perfect Your Knowledge

Our courses have interactive features such as videos and quizzes where you can test your knowledge of the course information. There is no limit on how many times you may access each course and our friendly team is here to support you all the way.

Apply the Rules

Once you have filled your knowledge gaps and feel confident in what you have learnt, it is time to apply what you know to real life, every day situations!