Custom built online courses

We offer customised (white label options) for our courses which means you can buy our courses brand with your own ID and content and host on our own platform for your team or customers.

You can use the online course on your own website, your own learning management system, or hosted privately on our learning platform.
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Branded white label

Buy the rights to use one of our online courses, we swap out our branding for your own. 

Micro courses $500.00 plus GST                              
Foundation courses $1,000.00 plus GST                             

Tailored white label

Customise one of our courses by adding one learning unit customised to your own needs.

Micro courses plus learning unit $1,250.00 plus GST
Foundation courses learning unit $1,750.00 plus GST 


Create a course from the ground up, tailored precisely to your requirements.

Micro course $500.00 plus GST
E-Book, PDF and 10 question quiz
Custom 1 learning unit $750.00 plus GST
Custom 3 learning units $2,250.00 plus GST

Your white label course preview

Laptop / PC View

How a course looks on a PC/ Laptop
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Mobile Phone View

How a course looks on mobile
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New customised white label courses you can buy
and make your own

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Learn the Art of Making

Learn the tools used by the world's top professionals
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Develop your professional skills

Learn how to create amazing products
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The secrets of language

The skills you need to become a real professional
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Become a better professional

Boost your confidence, master the field