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Do you have a trade background in one or more of the systems?


Have you checked with your local IQP registrar for their application requirements?


Do you know the Building Act, BWOF, 12A, Compliance Schedule and paperwork rules?

Courses for people wanting to become IQPs

Every IQP no matter the trade skill needs to understand compliance.
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Bigger teams & organisations

Do you have a crew of technicians, IQPs and support Staff?

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Renew your IQP registration

How to stay an IQP

Council requires you to keep up to date and prove what you have been learning so you can renew your license each year. You can do this any way you like, one way is our online school with a refresher or two. You can also become a subscriber and get all your refreshers and support in one place, for individuals and teams.

Courses for Existing IQPs renewing their registration