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Building Networks offers a whole lot of courses at your fingertips 24/7. The value is the number of courses and the variety.
Anita Brosnan, Project & Compliance Mger
Mackersy Property Ltd
Lots of well written useful/applicable information to the role that I am currently in.
Mike Cooper, Building Control Officer
Hastings District Council
 I can say confidently that this is by far the best, well put together, robust
e-learning course I have done in years.
Lincoln Potter, Physical & Electronic Security Consultant
The IQP paperwork course is user friendly.
Wayne Floyed
Easy to digest information and a one stop shop for reference material.
Helen Davis Upper Hutt City Council
The Facility Managers course is self paced and easy to understand    
Kelly Miller Service Coordinator Peke Waihanga

If you are new to New Zealand or new to the built environment.

Keeping yourself up to speed with monthly updates

Courses for Facility Managers
Just beginning in Facilities Management start here 

Our training focuses on essential building compliance rules, saving you time, money, and headaches. Gain insights, delegate effectively, and ensure your facilities are up to par.
Independent Qualified Person (IQP) COURSES

Beginning Courses for IQPs 

If you are trade qualified and want to become an IQP you need to know the building compliance and paperwork rules unique to this job
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Courses for existing IQPs

IQP Refreshers

IQP registration requirements vary between annual and three-year cycles. It's crucial to maintain your professional development consistently.

You will need to log the training you do each year/s.

Don't wait until the last minute—pace your PD throughout the year/s.
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BWOF/IQP support people

Make sense of the IQP paperwork - 12As, BWOFs, SRaDs, BRaDS, IQP annual reports and more...
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Courses for TA Compliance Officers

Courses for Administration Support and Vetting Officers

Courses For BCA/TA QA staff

Courses for trainers and competency assessors

Courses for emerging leaders and supervisors

Courses in personal development

General Course Catalogue