Pitfalls of DIY - Follow the instructions

Read the instruction manual.

Not all building work is required to be carried out by a Licenced Building Practitioner (LBP) or all products to be installed by a licenced applicator. However, all building work is required to comply with the Building Code.

Whether you are a DIY’er or an LBP, ensure you have read, understood, and followed the manufacturers product specifications and installation instructions. This applies to works carried out under a building consent, and/or under an exemption to a building consent (Schedule 1 of the Building Act 2004.)
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During the building consent process, Council will assess the product manufacturers specifications to ensure it meets the requirements of the Building Code, and that it is ‘fit for purpose’ for your building project. This assessment is an integral part of the building consent approval. The Building Act 2004 section 14G states the responsibilities of a product manufacturer or supplier, including ensuring the product will comply with the building code.

During inspections, under a building consent, Council will assess the construction and installation of products and systems, to ensure it has been carried out in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications attached to your approved building consent plans and documentation. If council finds that the installation is not in accordance with the consented plans and specifications, and especially if they feel the work does not comply with the Building Code, they can halt the build progress until the works is rectified – which can mean ‘pull it down and start again.’   If works that is exempt a building consent is not in compliance to the building code, Council will issue a Notice to Fix – which can mean ‘pull it down.’
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Most Recent Determinations

2021-025: Regarding compliance of timber shiplap weatherboards, coated with black paint, installed on a dwelling.
  • Note: the building consent specifications included the technical literature provided by the weatherboard product manufacturer and included the paint finish application.
  • Regarding decision not to issue a Code Compliance Certificate for concerns of black paint applied to newly installed timber weatherboards as part of the cladding system.

2021-017: Regarding the issue of a code compliance certificate for the installation of a solid fuel burning appliance.
  • Note: Note: the determination process found the woodburner had not been installed in accordance with the specifications.
  • Regarding whether the authority was correct in its decision to issue a code compliance certificate for the woodburner.