BWOF and IQP paperwork
Help your support people deal with the paperwork

Become an
Independent Qualified Person (IQP)

Step 1 Trade training

Ensure you have trade training in the right services/systems.

Step 2 Verify eligibility

Verify your eligibility to apply with your regional IQP register.

Step 3 Cert IQP course

Complete our Certificate in IQP Compliance to understand the rules

Step 4 Up your technical skills

Top up your existing trade training with a specialty course relevant to your trade area.

Step 5 IQP member

Become an IQP member of Building Networks for ongoing support in your role.

Certificate in IQP Compliance

This course covers the knowledge required for the IQP general competency criteria listed below:

  1. Understand the Building Act 2004
  2. Understand the key roles of the personnel responsible in the BWOF cycle (owners, IQPs, Council, BCAs/TAs, the courts)
  3. Read and interpret Compliance Schedules
  4. Write annual reports, 12As, and SRaDs
  5. Manage and direct technical personnel in respect to defects / remedial work
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Top up your existing trade training with a specialty course relevant to your trade area.
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Join or Renew your IQP Annual Membership and Refreshers with Building Networks

Join/ Renew today with one easy payment of $225 (incl GST)

Membership Benefits:
  • Your choice of one of our online IQP refresher courses
  • Exclusive monthly interpretations and insights from our technical team
  • An IQP annual membership certificate
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Important Information:
IQP registration requirements vary between annual and three-year cycles. It's crucial to maintain your professional development consistently. Don't wait until the last minute—pace your PD throughout the year.

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